USA West-Coast –

– About two years ago I went on a 1 month trip along the American westcoast. From San Francisco to Los Angeles, passing through Las Vegas and a few National Parks. That was an amazing travel, altough I didn’t have a really nice camera so the pictures are not that good and I don’t have that much, unfortunately… –

Cold temperatures, high wind but San Francisco is still a beatiful and full of character city to visit.

Grand Cannyon.

San Francisco- The jail of Alcatraz in the middle of the sea on the background of the picture, where the craziest murderer have been kept decades ago... The architecture of that city is really unusual, it's a must-see. There's also a pier with seals screaming everywhere - Impressive!

Death Valley - We stayed stuck on that lookout for more than 7 hours because our van had a problem, amazing memory and unforgettable sunset... 55 degrees and beautifulest landscapes on the westcoast to me.