Monthly Archive: October, 2012

The mediumship of the listener – comments

Sound is what we hear first, wherever we happen to be. First of our functions to work, 4 months and a half to get the hearing sense. Sound is understood as living beings,… Continue reading

Comments on -Don’t log off-

Listening – The narrator is interviewing people from different backgrounds and countries about their relationship with the Internet. Music in the background – Voice over other voice from the same person Introduction… Continue reading

Sète Landscapes

Sète must be one of the beautifulest seaports in the South of France. As I spent a few months there last summer, I felt necessity to take pictures, and especially landscapes… There they… Continue reading

Under7Show Festival

A few pictures from a skate-boarding festival I went to back in the south of France last summer. 

Impressive street art performance – Max Zorn

      Remarkable make of a German artist artistic work: Original and magnificent! Click on the picture to watch his video.

Remcord – Slipe

A music video I particularly enjoyed. Very fun editing and original idea to display a little boy acting as an adult from the time he wakes up to the end of his day…… Continue reading

London, France’s sixth biggest city

The UK’s capital has never been as populated by the French people as it is nowadays. With more than 300 000 “Frenchies” all over the city, more French people live in London than… Continue reading

Londres, 6ème ville Française (FRENCH)

Published in BBBMidi, September 2012   La capitale britannique n’a jamais adopté autant de français qu’aujourd’hui. Avec plus de 300 000 habitants dans la ville, plus de français habitent maintenant à Londres qu’à… Continue reading

The London Games

    A bit of history first… Almost three thousand years ago, the Olympics emerged and were first held in the ancient Greek city of Elis. Up to now, the tradition has carried… Continue reading

La 270ème édition de la Saint-Louis (FRENCH)

Published in BBBMidi, August 2012 Depuis le XVIIème siècle, la fête traditionnelle la plus attendue de Sète a lieu le dernier week-end d’août et nous réserve 6 jours de spectacles, concerts, tournois de… Continue reading