Comments on -Don’t log off-

Listening –

The narrator is interviewing people from different backgrounds and countries about their relationship with the Internet.

  • Music in the background – Voice over other voice from the same person
  • Introduction principally made by the narrator.
  • Conversation on the phone/laptop with a Chinese girl –
  • The narrator is having several conversations with people from different countries, he asks the people on the phone to make hear and understand what is the sound in the background.
  • Skype sound. –
  • (The BBC journalist is considerably articulating when he is talking)
  • Fading from one conversation to an other.
  • The podcast ends up with a skype conversation cut off –
  • It is in a style of a montage – No narrator explaining what is going on, the listener understands.
  • Critic: There is no point in the podcast, there’s not really a specific topic –