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The mediumship of the listener – comments

Sound is what we hear first, wherever we happen to be. First of our functions to work, 4 months and a half to get the hearing sense. Sound is understood as living beings,… Continue reading

Comments on -Don’t log off-

Listening – The narrator is interviewing people from different backgrounds and countries about their relationship with the Internet. Music in the background – Voice over other voice from the same person Introduction… Continue reading

Audio Documentary

Things put together for this particular piece. Phone conversation – Unclear noise. Live conversation; Screams, police bell, fear in her voice. Eye witnesses make the podcast sound more real – No further need… Continue reading

Dealing with pics.


Twitter decoded.

  Notes from Adam Rusbridger. – It’s an amazing form of distribution. It’s an effective way to spread you ideas, instantaneously. Even if there’s a 140 words limit, most of the twits are… Continue reading

February the 17th –

We Media. Introduction to participatory journalism. In the past, the news were organized in a way in which the editors, the journalists brought the information to the public. It worked as a sort… Continue reading