Hi everyone,

Welcome on my website.

I think it’s hard to write about yourself so I will just describe myself quickly, a little brief of what I do and what I like and I will let you find out more through the visit of the blog.

I am a French Multimedia Journalism student living in London. Interested about everything in the world, I started taking photographs not that long ago and I am learning a bit more about photography everyday. I also love editing videos, I am still a begginer so don’t be expecting too much for now! I will upload some videos I enjoyed watching, as well as some music which I think are worth their place on my blog! Other than that, I am a fan of landscapes, sunsets and sport.
Also, travelling is my passion, I have been around the world since I was a baby and have not stopped up to now. It’s like a disease really, I am always unsatisfied and need more! Travel is, to me, the way to open yourself to other cultures, and ways of living. I am always on the move and even while staying in London, I am travelling around the city most of the time.
I will display on my website some of my photographs, some articles, videos and some portfolios of photograpers I think admirable!

As St. Augustine said, “The World is a book, and those who do not travel only read a page. “

That’s all I can tell you about myself so far. I am open to all criticism and would be delighted to have your impressions…

I hope you will enjoy your visit!

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